200-400 Employee, Client and Community Participants!

Champion a Piece of History for Canada



Canadian businesses play a vital role in the success of making our national communities great. Whether by employment, infrastructure, products or services manufactured and provided, or their contribution to the economy, our country was built on great Canadian businesses.

Corporations who generously choose to participate in the Canada Mosaic Mural create a memorable community experience, developing connection to their customers and guests locally and nationally while building morale and engagement with their employees as they demonstrate their community support.



Signature Murals are aimed at creating community collaboration while enjoying a legacy piece of art to display or donate, celebrating Canada with communities across the country.

  • Creating unity through diversity
  • Engaging employees’ and their families’ participation
  • Building relationships within their business and social community
  • Championing a community legacy event and art piece that people come back to
  • Connecting nationally to other communities
  • Giving back and sharing their success

Creating a Legacy for Canadian Arts and Culture

Connecting Employees, Clients and Community to our Shared History




Promoting the Value of Arts and Culture in Canada

Historical Moments Championed by Canada's Business Community

Producing a Mural