Community Murals to Unite Canada

Project Purpose

The Canada Mosaic Mural project was launched in 2015 to celebrate our 150th birthday, beginning the journey to complete 150 murals illustrating Canada’s cultural and geographical diversity.

The purpose of the project is to create a national mural including all provinces and territories, 100,000’s of paintings and 150 individual murals that when united will form one gigantic mural mosaic. The mural, if ever connected would be over 365 meters wide (4 football fields) x 2.5 meters high (8 feet).

The mural will represent a cultural mosaic, a time capsule, a visual portrayal of history, an art masterpiece from the soul of the nation. An art piece that fifty years from now, may inspire another generation, who will in turn be able to celebrate through the mural, and maybe take it upon themselves to add to this memory.


Like the first settlers to come to the country, this project is full of ambition, adventure and the desire to trail blaze into new exciting frontiers. It will also face great challenges and obstacles. But, if history proves itself correctly, something remarkable will be born.

Each province and territory will have several individual communities who elect to champion a mural production. Each community will host an event inviting participants from far and wide from their region to participate and create their own community mural, which will then connect to the nation.

Upon the completion of the entire Canada Mosaic Mural, each community mural will reside in the town or 
city where it was created as a legacy of your community and its connection to the communities across Canada.

Join Us in Celebrating Canada's 150th!

Invitation from Lewis Lavoie

How can a piece of art unite a nation and empower communities to celebrate their strength and diversity? As an artist, I am fascinated at the thought of what the final image will be when thousands of individual paintings, created by Canadians from coast to coast, are combined into one overall mosaic mural.

Not long after completing the first mosaic murals thirteen years ago, it became apparent to us that these murals had the ability to involve practically anyone, from professional artist to “first timers”, from the very young to our senior citizens. No matter what their background everyone had one thing in common, they were part of a bigger picture. From the smallest of us to the most influential, we all part of a bigger story. To me, this is the sheer definition of what a community is. It seemed that overnight, communities began asking us to create murals.


Naturally, it came to me it would be incredible to create a mural that would connect our whole country. For years, I have been exploring what this would look like. The timing became perfect to celebrate our diversity as a nation through a united work of art.

I have chosen the train and railroad and feel it is the ultimate theme for connecting the murals. Railways played an integral role in the process of tying regions together. My vision is to do the same with these murals. All aboard!

Lewis Lavoie